Olympic Association snubs America’s cup team and blocks name use

It seems that all is not well in the GB sporting camp as the British Olympic Association (BOA) has taken the wind out of the sails of the UK America’s Cup team.

The America’s Cup is a sailing competition, and one of the oldest sporting trophies.

In recent years, the UK has made a strong bid to top this competition through four time gold sailing medallist Ben Ainslie.

Intially, Ainslie’s team was named Ineos Team GB, who invested a whopping £110 million into their winning bid.

However, this name was short-lived after the BOA kicked up a fuss with their name.

CEO Bill Sweeney announced that there was never any agreement to allow the use of ‘Team GB’ in the sailing team name, and they will not allow it.

‘Team GB’ which is a registered trade mark cannot be used without consent, Sweeney continued, as this will have an impact of aspiring young athletes and their experiences.

On the back of this, the team name was changed to Ineos Team UK.

While the sporting world seems to portray an all supporting front, it seems when it comes to trade marks it is every team for themselves.

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