O2’s New App

O2s New App

O2 has recently launched a new Application (Tu Go) that enables users to make and receive telephone calls and texts using devices other than your original handset or smartphone including a tablet or even a computer.

Features of the App:

  • Customers may take their mobile number wherever they please, even away from their mobile handsets!
  • Customers may log into the service on up to 5 devices simultaneously, therefore when a user receives a call, all 5 devices will ring (even handsets using a different network).
  • The cost of a call is the same as if the user had had simply used their handset and the service works over 3 and 4G connections.
  • Analysts claim the application is different from other VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Apps already on the market as it is intrinsically linked to a users handset, allowance or bill, therefore the need to purchase additional credit is totally eradicated.

As most of us are aware the VOIP Apps are free to use if youre talking with someone who also has the same App i.e. Tango, however Skype (a leader in VOIP) will expect you to purchase credit if you wish to call or text a standard mobile or landline. The App released by O2 is an attempt from the telecoms industry to battle the competition from the many VOIP services that are now available, such services it is suggested have caused the leaders in the telecoms market to face a significant decline in profits.

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