Not So Sweet for Chinese Sugar Company

Tate & Lyle, the world famous sugar manufacturer, is suing a Chinese manufacturer for patent infringement.

 The dispute surrounds the manufacturing technology used to produce the sugar substitute, sucralose sweetener.

 Tate & Lyle are one of the largest producers of sweetener in the world and have enjoyed great success with its product ‘Splenda’. Splenda averages sales in the United States of America of approximately £74 million in six months.

 Tate & Lyle are requesting that the Chinese manufacturer ‘Hebei Sukerui and Technology Co Ltd’, cease production of sweetener as well paying damages and legal costs.Â

 The move comes in conjunction with the anxious anticipation that similar but cheaper products are soon to be made available from destinations such as India.

 It could be argued that Tate & Lyle are pro-actively warning others that they consider there intellectual property rights important and that they will take action against those who infringe them.

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