Nokia’s Qualcomm patent licence expires

A patent licencing agreement between Nokia and Qualcomm has expired without being renewed. Nokia has for some years paid a licencing fee to Qualcomm under the deal which has just expired. The two companies have not managed to agree a replacement deal.

The just-expired agreement involved the cross-licencing of technology between Qualcomm and Nokia. Nokia has just made a $20 million payment to Qualcomm to cover the second quarter of this year, but this action has just be denounced by Qualcomm by saying that it is not for Nokia to set prices for its intellectual property.

The case that Nokia and others complained to the European Commission about Qualcomm’s behaviour over standardisation for third generation (3G) mobile phone networks is still ongoing. In that case Nokia said that Qualcomm agreed that it would not over-charge for licences to its technology if it was incorporated into industry-wide standards.Â

A week later Qualcomm filed a suit in the US alleging that Nokia infringed 11 of its patents. Nokia filed another suit in Europe in recent weeks arguing that the patents on which Qualcomm’s cases rest have expired in Europe.

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