Nokia Sued By 3G Company

The Company behind 3G technology has filed a complaint against Nokia in a San Diego District Court, accusing the Swedish phone company of patent infringement.

This latest allegation follows a complaint submitted to the European Commission by Nokia et al only last week, which scrutinised Qualcomm’s licensing methods. Â

According to the complaint filed on Friday, Qualcomm and subsidiary, SnapTrack allege that Nokia has infringed 12 patents by using protected methods without permission.

Moreover six of the 12 patents in the Nokia suit are also the subject of a further patent infringement action, which Qualcomm filed against Broadcom in July this year. Unsurprisingly Broadcom is one of the mobile phone technology companies that complained to the EuropeanCommission with Nokia last week.

Qualcomm claims that the technology covered by its patents is “essential for the manufacture or use of equipment that complies with the GSM, GPRS and EDGE cellular standards.” The company is reportedly seeking an injunction on the sale of infringing Nokia products in the US and an undisclosed sum of fiscal damages.

Qualcomm disclosed that prior to the suit it had attempted to reach an amicable solution with Nokia, but negotiations had failed leaving litigation as the only available remedy.

Along side Nokia and Broadcom in the European Commission complaint, stand the electrical giant Panasonic, NEC, Ericsson and Texas Instruments. The complaint accuses Qualcomm of operating its WCDMA technology licensing policy, contrary to European anti-trust regulations, by failing to license its patented techniques in a fair and reasonable manner.

The complaint also accuses Qualcomm of discounting its products so as to encourage customers to purchase its chip exclusively and thereby excluding “competing manufactures of chipsets for mobile phones from the market and preventing others from entering.”

 Qualcomm denies all the allegations made against it.

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