No online patent filing for now

The UK Intellectual Property Office’s (IPO) online patent and trade mark filing and searching services have been unavailable for the past week after an attacj on the website.

The attack was part of a series of coordinated attacks on organisations and businesses that are related to the enforcement of copyright law. According to a statement from the IPO:

“The Intellectual Property Office chose to disconnect its website from the Internet following a coordinated Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on Saturday 16th of October at around 18:00 BST…As part of our standard network security procedures, our main services were protected prior to the attack. The website and our internal services suffered no harm.”

Other high profile recipients of such attacks have included Gene Simmons and the Motion Picture Association of America. The group behind the attacks said: “History repeats itself…There was a time when powers that be attempted to silence the printing press, the blank cassette and the recordable CD. All of these previous attempts at censorship have failed, and future attempts of this nature are doomed to failure.”

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