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Dell have been ordered to change their printer advertising following a customer complaint.

Dell must make it clear that the £59 printer in question does not come complete with a printer cable, this will cost around another £14 and according to the ASA this is a significant cost in the context of the printer.

The customer saw an advert in a newspaper and on the basis of this advert bought a printer, on receipt of the printer they found no printer cable and made a complaint to the ASA. This complaint was upheld as the advert breached the ‘truthfelness’ clause of its Code.

According to an ASA statement:

“We noted that it was essential to have a cable to use the printer and that a cable was likely to cost approximately £14……………………..We considered this was a significant cost in relation to the price of the printer. We considered the ad gave the impression that the printer could be used in conjunction with a computer without the purchase of any further equipment and that the natural expectation among customers was that a cable would be included in the advertised price unless the ad specifically stated that it was not.”

“The ad breached CAP Code clause 7.1 (Truthfulness). We told Dell to ensure their ads stated that cables were not included in the advertised prices for printers in future, if that was the case,”

Dell responded by suggesting that they believed the majority of their customers would already own such a cable and would not need a new one.

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