Nirvana wipes smile off Marc Jacobs’ face with copyright claim

Not only are bands known for their music, their brand is extremely important.

They need to stand out from the crowd and must have a strong image which they can incorporate into other products such as merchandise.

With band Nirvana split in 1994, they are still very popular today and have a strong brand in respect of their ‘smile’ logo.

This logo is the basis of a recent claim filed against high end fashion brand Marc Jacobs.

The claim states that Marc Jacob’s recent Redux Grunge collection includes a number of pieces that include a similar logo to the yellow and black smile design.

The claim also goes on to say that the fashion brand has given the impression that the band is involved or has authorised the collection as they are using references to the band in their advertising.

The band have also brought retailers into the claim, including Saks Fifth Avenue, for selling items that allegedly infringe copyright.

It will be interesting to see if this ever reaches court or is settled behind closed doors.

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