Nike to Sue Adidas over Patent Infringement

The world’s largest sportswear manufacturer Nike is in the process of suing rival manufacturer Adidas for patent infringement over cushioning systems used in its footwear.Â

The ‘Shox Cushioning System’ is protected by 19 separate patents and it is argued that Adidas are infringing this patent by manufacturing the ‘Adidas a3 Cushioning System’.

 Nike is now demanding damages from Adidas over the dispute and the case will be heard in a Texas Court.

 Adidas have used the system in various new products including certain ranges endorsed by leading sport stars.

 The conclusion to this dispute will certainly be interesting in light of the fierce rivalry between the two manufacturers. The exclusive rights to such a patent, should the technology used by Adidas be deemed to be infringing, would be disastrous to Adidas and would enhance Nikes position in the footwear market.

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