New measures to cut off internet users for file-sharing introduced

New measures, the details of which have been released by the Government in an amendment to the Digital Britain Report, will see those individuals who illegally download films, music and games disconnected from the internet.

The new measures will obligate internet service providers (ISPs) to take action against those who repeatedly file-share, and propose that the cost of tracking down persistent infringers be shared equally between ISPs and copyright holders. The measures will be aimed at those infringers who use software, such as BitTorrent and websites, such as Pirate Bay, to find and download files.

However, ISPs are not happy about the new proposals and have stated that it is not their job to police the internet. The Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) said it was “disappointed by the proposal to force ISPs to suspend users’ accounts”.

European politicians have also recently held that cutting off an infringer’s internet connection could be a breach of their human rights.

It is estimated that around seven million people in the UK are involved in illegal downloads and the UK Government is trying frantically to reduce this figure.

The measures are not set in stone and it is likely that there will be some heavy lobbying by the ISPs against the new proposals.

Watch this space.

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