Motorola v RIM

Motorola and Research in MOtion (RIM) are in the middle of a legal battle over patents. Both parties claim that the other is infringing their patents, this has occured since the expiry of a cross-licensing agreement in 2003.

The mobile device makers RIM (they make the Blackberry your probably reading this on!) claim that Motorola is using technology over which they have patents, they are also claiming that Motorola are demanding excessive fees to licence their patents.

Motorola on the otherhand are suing RIM for patent infringement, stating that they seek a judgement: “permanently enjoining (RIM) from further acts of infringement, contributory infringement or inducement of infringement of the asserted patents unless and until licensed under the asserted patents by Plaintiff”.

Motorola have asked for damages by way of compensation and has asked for these damages to be tripled. In patent infringement cases damages can be tripled if the infringement is found to be wilful.

Increasingly such cross-licensing agreements have become the source of dispute in the mobile world with Nokia and Qualcomm also locked in a patnet dispute. All of which merely slows the advance of such technologies.

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