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The Spanish authorities have seized 10,00 items of counterfeit Harry Potter goods totalling in 305,000 Euros. A Spanish women, has been arrested for selling the goods. A replica of the owl belonging to Potter were being sold for as much as 97.99 Euros, while wands were fetching 35.99 Euros.

Images have been released by the Guardia Civil showing other products among the haul recovered including banners, scarves and hats bearing colours and symbols associated with the “Harry Potter” world. Officers received information that there were a large amount of counterfeit goods on the premises based in Barcelona and it is thought that it was the manager of the toy shop that was arrested.

This raid was a part if a larger operation to stop gods coming from China to Spain by sea and other methods. The Harry Potter series was created by J.K. Rowling which was followed by a huge franchise including movies produced by Warner Brothers and a theme park!

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