Model Hadid under copyright fire for Instagram Photo

Gigi Hadid has become the latest celebrity to come under fire for posting a photo on social media without obtaining the right to use it.

Fashion Model Gigi Hadid posted a picture of herself wearing a customised Adidas jacket which has received over 1.2 million likes on Instagram.

The photographer who took this snap, Peter Cepeda, was not best pleased that Hadid did not credit him.

He, therefore, filed a claim for copyright infringement, stating the model and her agency IMG Worldwide committed ‘wilful and intentional’ infringement.

The claim also stated that Gigi’s use undermines the ‘great technical skill and careful timing’ it took to take the picture and could have an effect on the licenses he granted for use of the image.

Cepeda is seeking an injunction against both Hadid and her agency as well as any profits made and damages.

Yet another case which could have been avoided if celebrities were more aware of copyright protection and its consequences.

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