Miley Cyrus failed to make the copyright claim stop for ‘We Can’t Stop’

Pop star Miley Cyrus failed in her attempt to have the copyright claim against her hit ‘We Can’t Stop’ dismissed, but the Judge didn’t dismiss her potential for success.

This is yet another example of a famous popstar with a huge hit being sued for potential copyright infringement. And as is in the case for many of the recent cases, the star tries to put the matter to bed with a motion to dismiss.

This has worked for some but not for Miley.

While the Judge did say that Cyrus may be correct in her claim that there is no infringement, this matter should be considered be considered in full, with evidence from both sides.

The claim relates to the words ‘we run things, things we don’t run’. It is claimed by Michael May that this infringed his song ‘We Run Things’ which was released in 1998 under his stage name Flourgon.

Cyrus’s arguments against this was that the phrase was not enough to be deemed original and therefore did not warrant copyright infringement.

This is likely to be another case that is settled behind closed doors, but it will be interesting to see if this sort of claim continues.

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