Martin Lewis is suing Facebook over false adverts

It has been reported that Martin Lewis, founder of, will file a claim against Facebook over allegations of defamation.

The claim revolves around bogus adverts on the social media platform, using Lewis’ likeness to induce individuals to enter in to ‘get rich quick’ schemes.

Lewis explained to SkyNews “Enough is enough. It’s about time Facebook took responsibility…This is about stopping Facebook facilitating the ripping off of vulnerable people and destroying my reputation at the same time.”

Lewis has promised that if he is successful in an award of damages, he will donate the money to charity. However, Lewis does not seem to be keen on wining the lawsuit, instead he would prefer to force Facebook to change its advertising policy.

Lewis went on to explain “I hope to open up a legal remedy for other people who have found themselves in the same boat…I don’t do adverts. I’ve told Facebook that. Yet it simply continues to repeatedly publish these adverts and then relies on me to report them, once the damage has been done.”

Whereas, Facebook has stated “We do not allow adverts which are misleading or false on Facebook and have explained to Martin Lewis that he should report any adverts that infringe his rights and they will be removed…We are in direct contact with his team, offering to help and promptly investigating their requests, and only last week confirmed that several adverts and accounts that violated our advertising policies had been taken down.”

It appears that the MoneySavingExpert is branching out to become the DefamationAdvertExpert

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