Luxpro Planning to Sue Apple

Apple were unhappy with the similarity between the digital music player created by Luxpro (a Taiwanese electronic firm) and its own Ipod Shuffle. It subsequently accused the Taiwanese company of copyright infringement. A legal battle proceeded where an injunction to stop production was successful.

Apple’s Ipod is the best selling digital music players in the world. Market competitors have been unsuccessful in trying to win a part of this valuable and growing market. Luxpro’s MP3 player is a good example of this. It is a similar size to the Ipod Shuffle and also made of the same white plastic. However despite the similarity between the appearance of the products in question, the Taiwanese Court found that they were ‘significantly dissimilar’ and the injunction was overturned.Â

In light of this judgement the electronics firm has now stated that it will sue Apple for £52 million in damages. The company it seems wants to regain any lost in revenues caused by the injunction.

This case highlights the dangers of pursing an infringement of a intellectual property right. Apple who accused Luxpro of copying are now likely to have to pay damages to the company for the injunction.

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