Lush attacked by hackers

The cosmetics website lush has been suspended after hackers successfully attacked the website having targeted it for several months.

The website went down and the following message was left for its customers:

’24 hour security monitoring has shown us that we are still being targeted and there were continuing attempts to re-enter. We refuse to put our customers at risk of another entry- so have completely decided to retire this version of our website.’

Lush also advised customers to check their accounts and statements if they purchased from Lush online between the dates of 04 October 2010 And 20 January 2011 for any irregularities and take further steps to contact their banks to check if their credit card details have been compromised.

Many unfortunate customers have become victims of the fraud and as result of this have had their credit card details stolen. Customers have also revealed that their credit card details have evidently been used by the hackers and thousands of customers have risked losing huge amounts of money.

Several customers that have been affected have also posted on Lush’s facebook wall, one customer said:

‘We’ve had our card compromised and used in fraudulent transactions just three days ago. it has now been cancelled and we have no way to access our money.’

As a result of this incident customers are outraged that it took Lush from christmas to now to take down the site knowing it was being targeted by hackers. If Lush is found to have omitted in complying with security measures to keep credit card details safe, it could lose its authority to accept credit card payments.

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