Levi Strauss in ‘Tab’ Trademark Dispute

The internet clothing shop Rip n Dip faces backlash from the well-known fashion brand Levi Strauss with regard to their ‘Tab Device.’ Levis’ are complaining of trademark infringement and on Friday 28th September a claim was filed at the US District Court for the Northern District of California.Â

The popular clothing brand has a number of registered trademarks that can frequently be found on the brands clothing. This includes the alleged infringed mark the ‘Tab Device’ mark. This has been used by the company since 1936. The device itself is created by a textile marker or a similar material that is sew into a particular seem on the item of clothing. He ‘Tab’ itself is recognised around the world and according to the claimants’ the ‘Tab’ represents the “authentic, high quality Levi’s garments.” Â

Levi Strauss are claiming that Rip N Dip, based in California has sold, promoted and manufactured clothing items that directly infringe the clothing brand’s trademarks. Rip n Dip have specifically been accused of “manufacturing, sourcing, marketing and/or selling shirts and trousers bearing unauthorised pocket ‘Tab devices’.”Â

It is claimed that this is likely to confuse consumers into believing there is a relationship between the two clothing brands or that the products are sourc4ed from Levi. Â

The claim explains that Levi Strauss contacted Rip N Dip in July 2018 informing the online retailer of its allegedly infringing activity in writing. Following this Rip N Dip has avoided follow-up phone calls, according to Levi Strauss.Â

“Rip N Dip’s actions have caused and will cause Levi Strauss irreparable harm for which money damages and other remedies are inadequate,” said Levi Strauss, who are asking for an injunction and damages.Â

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