La Liga creates a La Liga Spies App

The official La Liga, Spanish football league, Android app has become a scanner for venues that are broadcasting football matches without a licence.

The app is reported to have access to microphone and location services to listen out for pirate broadcasts. The app has been installed by millions and if the user grants consent it will review and analyse the audio picked up from the microphone to listen out for pirate football broadcasts. Combine this with GPS location and a determination of the legality of the broadcast can be made.

Individuals have been asked to “Protect your team” and turn the functionality on.

Of course, this raises data protection issues, but all is in hand, the details are all the apps privacy policy and the microphone will is only be activated when La Liga matches are being broadcast.

La Liga explained to “nobody accesses the audio fragments captured by the microphone” and the recordings “become a signal, a binary code”.

La Liga states that it is seeing losses of up to 150 million Euros and so the app was the only way forwards.

La Liga Spies…coming to a Spanish pub soon

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