Kylie Jenner in IP hot water… yet again!

The reality star keeps falling foul of various Intellectual Property problems, the latest in relation to her upcoming reality show.

During the promotion for said show, ‘Life of Kylie’ the star used an image of a pair of lips surrounded by a neon border.

However, Sara Pope claims that this image has been copied from a piece of her artwork and has submitted a claim of copyright infringement against Miss Jenner.

Pope’s claim states her artwork ‘Temptation Neon’ which was created in 2015 has been clearly copied and used in promotional materials and social media advertisements for ‘Life of Kylie’.

In response to the claim, Jenner’s team states the design used in said promo was created by a third party and this process was nothing to do with Miss Jenner.

This claim is one in a number of headaches for the star as just a few weeks ago, both Kylie and her sister Kendall Jenner came under pressure when they started selling vintage music t-shirts featuring images of various music legends, without permission to use said images for a eyewatering $125 per t-shirt.

This lead to a number of lawsuits actioned against the sisters, including one instigated by photographer Michael Miller who claimed they had ‘misappropriated and wrongfully exploited’ his work in using his images of rapper Tupac.

The sisters have acknowledged the backlash and have issued an apology and the t-shirts have been removed from the market, however the matter is not resolved.

It will be interesting to see the outcome of both the t-shirt claims and the copyright infringement claim by Sarah Pope, what is clear however is that it will cost the Jenner family a pretty penny.

Perhaps next time, Kylie will consider using our very own Michael Coyle and the Lawdit team to ensure no more IP hiccups.

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