Jose, romper suits and knickers to ruin the deal?

Chelsea own the Word Mark Jose MourinhoÂ

In the following goodsÂ

Class 3
After-shave lotions eau de cologne non-medicated toilet preparations bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations perfumery hair care preparations skin care preparations suntanning preparations room fresheners (fragrance preparations) dentifrices toothpaste boot cream boot polish creams for leather depilatory preparations soaps toiletries antiperspirants essential oils, flower perfumes in the form of oil and scented waters bath salts and preparations cosmetics kits cosmetics cotton wool for cosmetic purposes non-medicated creams deodorants and deodorant soaps for body and feet cosmetic dyes eyebrow cosmetics and preparations fabric softeners flower perfumes hair dyes and hair sprays incense ionone (perfumery) jewellers’ rouge lipsticks make-up preparations non-medicated mouth washes nail polish and nail preparations cosmetic pencils potpourris shampoos shaving preparations talcum powders transfers (decorative) for cosmetic purposes windscreen cleaning liquids.
Class 9
Smart cards telephone cards encrypted smart cards encoded smart cards encrypted telephone cards encoded telephone cards encrypted cards encoded cards cameras and parts and fittings therefor camera film sound recording and sound reproducing apparatus and instruments recordings of sound and/or images blank and pre-recorded audio and video cassettes, cartridges, tapes, CDs, DVDS CD-ROMs gramophone records magnetic tapes for recording or reproducing sound or vision televisions radios CD recorders and players DVD recorders and players video cassettes recorders and players photographic transparencies and photographic films prepared for exhibition purposes calculating machines computer programmes, tapes and discs telephones, mobile telephones telephone answering apparatus, telephone recorders, telephones incorporating facsimile machines magnets computer games games software downloadable software programmes downloadable publications animated cartoons holograms magnets batteries computers printers computer peripherals spectacles, spectacle cases sunglasses, sunglasses cases visors parts and fittings for the aforesaid goods.
Class 14
Jewellery earrings necklaces bracelets brooches watches watch straps stopwatches clocks timepieces barometers chronometers key rings of precious metal trinkets and fobs cufflinks tie clips tie pins candle sticks and non-electric candelabras of precious metal jewellery cases of precious metal jewel chains of precious metal collectible coins napkin rings and napkin holders of precious metal ornaments of precious metal and ornamental pins tankards of precious metal and silver ornaments vases of precious metal cigar and cigarette holders, hat and shoe ornaments jewellery charms, keys, key rings, napkin holders, napkin rings, nutcrackers, all the aforesaid goods being made wholly or principally of precious metal and their alloys or coated therewith parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.
Class 18
Articles made of leather and/or of imitation leather suitcases, luggage bags back packs, rucksacks haversacks knapsacks bags for merchandise packaging, shopping bags duffel bags travel bags for boots and shoes purses wallets, wallets incorporating cheque book covers handbags shoulder bags credit card holders key cases, credit card cases, attaché cases, briefcases bags and holdalls for sports clothing satchels school bags trunks and travelling bags carry-all bags umbrellas walking sticks valises sunshades parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods.
Class 25
Articles of outer clothing T-shirts shirts sweaters cardigans jackets coats shawls trousers pants shorts dungarees leggings skirts dresses waterproof clothing galoshes overalls collars collar protectors ties cravats scarves gloves mittens belts braces pyjamas nightshirts nightgowns dressing gowns bathrobes bathing suits, bathing trunks bathing caps aprons baby boots diapers and bibs romper suits baby pants and sleep suits articles of sports clothing leisurewear track suits headbands wrist bands articles of underclothing underwear singlets vests underpants briefs boxer shorts lingerie hosiery footwear being articles of clothing socks garters articles of footwear boots shoes sandals slippers football boots football shoes training shoes articles of headgear caps hats berets hoods ear muffs visors.


So watch out Man U – Jose Romper Suits and Pants …mmmmmm


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