JIH wins anonymity appeal

An established sportsman known as JIH has won rights to anonymity over sex life claims today at a court appeal.

The man known as JIH obtained an order to stop the media from revealing his identity from a panel of three judges headed by the Master of Rolls, Lord Neuberger, to overturn a ruling by the high court judge Mr Justice Tugendhat.

Lord Neuberger outlined the facts and said JIH had been in a long term relationship with another individual known as XX. A story had been published before August 2010 informing the public about a sexual encounter he was having with an individual referred to as YY. JIH was not informed prior to publication.

When JIH discovered that News Group Newspapers expected to publish a story identifying JIH based on information provided by another person known as ZZ about sexual relations, he began the proceedings withholding his identity. In addition, he also sought an order preventing publication of any information about an alleged sexual relationship with ZZ during his relationship with XX.

Anonymity was granted based on the facts of the case. Lord Neuberger said: “if the media could publish the name of the claimant and the substance of the information which he is seeking to exclude from the public domain, then the whole purpose of the injunction would be undermined, and the claimant’s private life would be unlawfully exposed.”

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