IPO Announces New Online Service

The UK Intellectual Property Office (UK-IPO) announced this morning (18/06) that it will be providing a new free patents publication service on its website, allowing users to view and download patents on the day of their publication.

It will also allow users to view and download all patents published from 1st January 2007.Â

The European Patent Office (EPO) already has such a service and the aim of today’s announcement is to bring the UK system in-line with this. In fact the UK system uses the same technology as that of the EPO and allows access to UK patents, those of over 20 European patent offices and the World Intellectual Property Office.

According to the Director of Patents Sean Dennehey: “This new service responds to an increasing wish amongst users to access patent information online and keeps the UK-IPO at the forefront of the way Intellectual Property business is conducted in the UK,”

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