Introduction of SCT for IP infringement

Great news for individuals and small businesses

 A Small Claims Track (SCT) has become available at the Patent County Court (PCC) in London for intellectual property claims within England and Wales. The SCT will simplify litigation for claims valued under £5,000 and provide access to injunctions to stop infringement of intellectual property rights.Â

The new system aims to provide access to justice for those who previously could not afford to bring legal action against infringement. The SCT will cover the following basic claims for infringement:Â

  • Copyright
  • Registered Trademark
  • Unregistered Design

Claimants do not need to attend the PCC, which is good news if youre based far from the capital as the Court can give decisions based on telephone hearings or written documentation alone. The new process aims to be swift, affordable and user friendly, for example, hearings that are attended in person will be held in judges chambers as opposed to a formal courtroom.

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