Internet Service Providers have been ordered by the High Court to block access to several ‘pirate’ web sites.

The High Court has ordered the main internet service providers to block access to some of the most popular ‘pirate’ streaming websites.

Complaint came from the Motion Picture Association Europe, acting on behalf of some of the major Hollywood movie studios, subsequently the High Court has issued the blocking request.

One newly blocked site and the largest on the list receives millions of daily visitors from across the world. However, the site has anticipated the block and as such has a message informing people of their alternative ‘.ru’ domain name version of their current website.

The message reads “You can access our site through … .ru domain if the main domain is blocked by your ISP”.

The highly resilient site has done their homework by changing their domain to ‘.ru’ as this will need to be added to the blocked list before it becomes unavailable. However, that being said rights holders do not need a new court order to add blocked sites to the list. If the site moves to a new domain, they are able to simply add it to the blocked list.

The rights holders have the ability to add such sites to the list but it does create a game of cat and mouse.

The list of blocked websites for the UK is growing but with this growth comes a growth of alternative domains and mirror sites.Â

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