Intellectual Property Rights set to be Reviewed

The intellectual property rights afforded to individuals who create and innovate in the United Kingdom is set to be reviewed by an independent body.Â

Andrew Gowers who is the former editor of the Financial Times is set to conduct the review. Â

Mr Gowers has been commissioned by Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown to carry out a 12Â month examination of the rights system in the United Kingdom.

 The predominant aim of the review is to consider the way in which the Government awards intellectual property rights. It will also examine the effect of the current regime on business and how copyright and patent laws enable them to function.

 It will review any apparent need for change in order to bring legislation in line with the demands of the ever expanding digital age.

 Mr Gowers appears happy with his new role. He stated ‘I believe that intellectual property is at the heart of Britain’s success in the knowledge economy’.

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