Intellectual Property Office announces Trade Mark and designs ‘appointed persons’


The UK Intellectual property office (UKIPO) have announced on their website blog the Lord Chancellor’s decision to introduce ‘Appointed Persons’ for both designs and trade marks.

An Appointed Person is an expert is the law of intellectual property, as well as being a senior lawyer. They present a new appeal route for anyone that wishes to appeal against a decision made the IPO in relation to both designs and trade marks. This process creates a cheaper and quicker alternative to taking the matter through court, therefore making it a welcome development to create a smooth flowing dispute system.

The Appointed Persons can rule on a number of matters including an appeal against a refusal to register a mark or design made by the IPO, or the outcome of a first-tier tribunal hearing a dispute between two parties.

This role has been in place in relation for trade marks for a number of years but following the Intellectual Property Act 2014, this has been extended to designs.

Four individuals have been appointed to supplement the existing Appointed Persons for trade marks. Two of these individuals will rule on both subject areas.

The Appointed Persons are as follows:

Appointed Person: designs-

Martin Russell Thomson Howe QC

Philip Michael Johnson

Edward James Wilson Mellor QC

Appointed Person: Trade Marks-

Philip Michael Johnson

Edward James Wilson Mellor QC

Thomas George Moseley Mitcheson QCÂ

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