Intel Sued Again for Infringement

Transmeta is a small player in the microprocessor industry but still had the courage to filed a patent infringement claim against Intel in the United States District Court Delaware.Â

The claim involves a number of US patents owned by Transmeta and claims that Intel has infringed the same by its use of technologies such as Pentium III, Pentium 4, Pentium M, Core and Core 2. The company is now seeking a court injunction against Intel in the hope to prevent further sales as well as monetary damages.

The only microprocessors that Transmeta is producing involves its Efficeon which is being remarketed by AMD as a hardware foundation for Microsoft’s FlexGo pay-as-you-go and subscription technology for emerging markets.

Transmeta is also licensing its LongRun2 technology for power management and threshold voltage control to NEC, Fujitsu, Sony and Toshiba.

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