InfoTrack – Insolvency Reports

InfoTrack is a company that provides excellent services to their clients by employing award-winning technology that markedly improves end to end workflow. Their clientele comprises professionals from the legal, conveyancing, banking, finance, insolvency, surveying, mercantile, accountancy and government sectors.

In relation to insolvency matters, the company offers three very effective and useful products that cater to all their clients’ desiderata and each of them are considered below.

  • Basic Insolvency Report
    • InfoTrack does a live check against Companies House Beta, Companies House Direct and the Belfast, Edinburgh and London Gazette.
    • The report is furnished immediately.
  • Companies Court Check
    • InfoTrack have their own researchers at the Companies Court who check the central London terminal (CE File system) and the Legacy County Court terminal (Bacchus system) to ascertain if there are any ongoing winding up petitions registered against the company in question.
    • There is a delivery time of 30 minutes (estimated) between 10:30AM and 4:00PM, Monday to Friday.
  • Combined Insolvency Report
    • This report provided by InfoTrack amalgamates a Companies Court check, Gazette check and a Companies House check. Additionally, they also supply copies of all pertinent insolvency documents at Companies House and include the official filing history and general company details. Â
    • There is a delivery time of 60 minutes (estimated) between 10:30AM and 4:00PM, Monday to Friday.Â

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