Incorporating a Tailor-Made Company

In order to register a company form IN01 must be lodged with the registrar. Form IN01 states:

  • The proposed company name
  • The type of company
  • Details of the registered office
  • Articles of association
  • Details of directors and secretary
  • Statement of capital and initial shareholding
  • Statement of guarantee (if company limited by guarantee)
  • Statement of compliance

On top of the IN01 the application must include the companies memorandum of association setting out that the subscribers have agreed to become members, that it is to have a share capital and that they take at least one share each (s8). The memorandum must be in the prescribed form and must be executed by each subscriber.

If the company is to be a public company then in addition to the requirements listed above the company must ensure that at least two directors are appointed and a company secretary is also appointed. Also a public company must obtain a trading certificate, under s761 of the CA 2006 the application to obtain a trading certificate must state: that the nominal value of the share capital is not less than £50,000, the estimated amount of preliminary expenses, the amount of any benefit given to any promoter of the company and a statement that the company meets the requirements for the issue of a trading certificate.

The IN01, memorandum of association and articles of association (if model articles not used in their entirety) must be sent to the Registrar along with the relevant fee. On receipt of these documents the Registrar will issue the company with a certificate of incorporation.

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