IBM Hold the Most Patents

It was reported this week that International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), the world’s largest computer services company, have claimed that they own the most United States patents.Â

It is the 13th straight year that the company has topped the list and in 2005, was granted 2,941Â patents. This is over 1,100 more patents than any other company.

 The majority of the patents gained by IBM are in relation to computer systems and storage and also include manufacturing techniques.

It is also believed that IBM are working with the patent office in America in order to develop easier mechanisms by which patent examiners can search through existing computer patents in order to determine the validity of the new application.

The fact that IBM head the poll of number of patents awarded, identifies the importance of intellectual property rights. It is no coincidence that one of the largest, most successful companies in the World has so many patents belonging to them.

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