How to form a company

This note lists the documents needed in order to register a company under the Companies Act 2006.

In order to form a company under the Companies Act 1985 four documents must be sent to the Registrar of Companies: memorandum of association, articles of association, Form 10 and Form 12.

However this is changing and under the Companies Act 2006 the following needs to be filed:

  1. the memorandum with details of the subscribers
  2. application for registration, this document details: name of company, registered office, private or public etc.
  3. details of the capital and initial shareholdings
  4. details of directors and shareholders
  5. the address of the registered office
  6. a copy of the articles of association
  7. a statement of compliance

When the changes take place one person will be able to form either a private company however a public company will need to have two directors.

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