How the IR 35 affects your business

The legislation was not targeted at any particular trade or profession however it tends to have an effect on IT professionals and other freelancers who often have many short-term contracts rather than one steady employment. The types of employment set-ups that may relate to IR35 are limited companies, umbrella companies, managed service companies, personal service companies, agencies and composite companies. If you believe any of this relates to your and your employment status, contact us.

Anyone caught by the legislation may face a significantly increased tax burden. If you are caught, your tax burden can rise by as much as 80%. A look at the guidelines can be found at:

What we can do for you

As commercial law specialists we can draw up your contract in a way that minimises the chances of the contract falling under the legislation, by making it IR35 compliant.

What we cannot do for you

If the conditions you work under are such that you will be liable under the IR35 legislation, we will not be able to change those working conditions.

Our solution

Subject to approval, we provide a guarantee to you that if your contract is caught by the IR35 legislation on an assessment by the Inland Revenue we will pay your extra tax burden.

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