HBO hackers threaten to strike again

They are at it again; HBO hackers threaten to leak the final two episodes of the latest Game of Thrones series. These are the same hackers who entered the HBO systems in July and released an array of private documents, emails and unaired shows.

This time, it is more of the same. The so-called ‘Mr Smith Group’ told Mashable it has access to ‘many HBO platforms’ and gave Mashable a list of usernames and passwords for HBO social media accounts including the primary HBO Twitter account. This is in the wake of last week when hacking group Our Mine took control of HBO’s social media, including Game of Throne’s Twitter.

The hackers’ multitude of threats come after the US TV network refused to pay a multimillion dollar ransom demand to the hackers.

However, the group may have picked the wrong TV show to target. If you read my last article about Game of Thrones episodes being leaked, you will know that it is the most pirated TV show in history, and episodes are available on many piracy sites on the same day they are released legitimately. Additionally, HBO reportedly communicate well with the Game of Thrones actors ahead of the information leak. Richard Levick said this upfront approach was key to dealing with hackers.

HBO seem to have the situation under control for the moment. I will now wait in anticipation for the next move.

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