Google v Skyline ~ Patent Infringment

The search engine giants, Google won an another round in relation to a patent infringement claim surrounding the source code that drives Google Earth. The claim was issued by Skyline Software Systems Inc. in the US District Court of Massachusetts. The claim was originally filed against Keyhole Corp, the company that developed the software for Google and is the main plug for Google Earth. The claim was brought against Google after it assignment the IP rights in Keyhole in October 2004.

After the acquisition, Skyline added Google as a second defendant. A year later, Skyline asked the judge for an injunction that would prevent Google from offering the Google Earth service. That case management timetable set up by the court allowed time for Google’s team of attorneys to argue that Skyline was not able to show that Google Earth was causing damage, enough to allow the court to grant an injunction. The judge agreed with Google and did not award the injunction but the is still on course.

Background: Google Earth is a free application that shows maps and satellite images of practically any location in the world. Google has  how introduced an upgrade to the program that features a new and larger visuals of images. Skyline provides software that offers a three dimensional visualisation of the earth via satellites and aerial photography. It target audience is mainly the military, civil-engineering industries and communications.

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