Google Glass banned in cinemas by US cinema chain

The Google glass is an innovation in technology that is not yet available for purchase by the general public. The glass is essentially a piece of hardware that looks and works like a pair of glasses, the added bonus is that it comes with an inbuilt camera that allows you to record your surroundings, can display information on the internet and so much more!

Although the glasses have not yet been offered for sale to the general public, the glasses have been made available to certain users and app developers, once such user (an unknown male from the U.S) reported an incident that took place recently where he was hauled out of a cinema in Columbus, Ohio by security officials that monitor piracy. The unknown male reported on a technology blog about how he was half way through watching a movie whilst wearing his google glass (that was switched off and being used solely for the purpose of the prescription lenses) when he was approached by a security guard that pulled the glasses off his face and demanded that he follow him outside immediately.

The man states he was later interrogated and had his glasses connected to a PC by a ICA officer who searched through the suspects personal photos and a short while later concluded the male had done nothing wrong, the male that was innocent of any wrong doing didn’t receive an apology and was furious at the way he was treated.

A spokesperson for the ICA commented on the incident, stating that movie theft was a matter that was taken very seriously and that wearing a device that is capable of recording content is not appropriate at movie theatre.

In the UK (FACT) The Federation Against Copyright Theft state the use of all forms of digital recording devices to copy films are illegal in UK cinemas.Â

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