Google and EPO Sign Translation Deal

Google and the European Patent Office (EPO) have now signed an agreement to collaborate on machine translations of patents into various languages.<.P>

The agreement allows the EPO to use Google’s ‘Google Translate’ technology to translate patents on the EPO website into 28 European languages, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian. In return Google will be granted access to the EPO’s database of translated patents in order for Google to optimise its translation technology.

The EPO website will allow the user to translate a patent to various languages (to be gradually fed in to the system) at the click of a button. EPO President Benoit Battistelli said: “Machine translation helps to overcome language barriers and make information contained in patents globally accessible and available. The new translation tool is a further stepping stone to improving innovation in Europe, and enabling European businesses to play level with their competitors in other regions. Moreover, I am convinced that it will facilitate the development of the unitary patent,”

Google’s view is that “This project will be of huge benefit to inventors, scientists and innovators across Europe – enabling them to speed up R+D efforts with searches in their own language, across the entire EPO corpus of European, Asian and Russian patents,”

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