Gareth Bale receives approval for celebration Trade mark

Having filed with the UK Intellectual Property Office in March 2013, Gareth Bale recently received a successful result for creating a Trade mark for his well known “eleven of hearts” goal celebration. The successful application could be worth around £3 million to the Welsh player.

The Trade mark covers three classes of goods

Class 14: which includes precious metals and jewellery

Class 18: which includes trunks, travelling bags, umbrellas, walking sticks and saddlery

Class 25: Clothing, footwear and headgear

Perhaps the most lucrative aspect of this recent Trade mark could come about if Bale makes his much discussed move to Real Madrid. The Spanish club are already a huge worldwide brand, however they currently do not have a player wearing Bale’s desired number 11 shirt, and should such a move materialise, the value of this recently acquired Trade mark could increase dramatically.

In 2004 another well known footballer, Alan Shearer was also successful in obtaining a trade mark for his goal celebration (his famous raised arm salute).Â

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