Frosty times for Disney as ‘Let It Go’ copyright claim made

Arguably one of the biggest animated films of all time, Frozen is loved and repeatedly watched by children across the world.

However, Disney are not quite basking in the sun of success, as frosty relations have appeared after a copyright claim has been filed against the hit song, ‘Let It Go’.

The song ‘Let It Go’ is the flagship song of the film and has only grown in popularity.

It seems not everyone is happy with the songs success, as California based musician, Jaime Ciero has filed a claim arguing that ‘Let It Go’ is a blatant copy of his song ‘Volar’.

Ciero doesn’t seem to be satisfied going up against a massive corporation like Disney, but has also filed an action against Idina Menzel who sang the song in the film, Popstar Demi Lovato who released a pop version of the hit when the film was released and the songwriters who penned ‘Let It Go’.

Ciero’s song ‘Volar’ was published in 2008, 5 years before the release of the Disney Film.

The claim states that ‘Let It Go’ bears similarities “so striking as to preclude the possibility that the latter song was independently created”.

This could get expensive as Jaime Ciero is claiming injunctive relief and the profits from the film, which has a whooping $1.3 billion Box Office revenue to its name.

It will be interesting to see how this case pans out, especially if Disney fail to stop the claim before it has really begun.

Be sure that Lawdit’s Reading Room will keep you updated as the case progresses.

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