Facebook’s video policy criticised

Facebook has been forced to comment on the way it deals with video content after criticism from YouTube star Hank Green.

Green, who has 2.6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel which he shares with his brother, states that Facebook overstates about the number of views that videos posted on their website get, as well as ignoring the importance of video piracy.

Posting on his blog, Hank praised the platform that the social network website gives but argues that the company had ‘fundamentally devalued’ online video by inflating statistics. Commenting on Facebook’s news which indicated that visitors clocked up 4 billion video views a day, he views their statistics as a lie as they count a view after three seconds viewing of a video. This is a tenth of the average time after which a video view is counted by others in the industry.

In addition, Green accuses Facebook of capitalising on content stolen from other websites and not putting focus on an efficient system to prevent video piracy.

Facebook responded to Hank Green’s accusations by commenting on his blog. They defended their video policy in relation to video views by stating that a person’s intention to watch can be established after three seconds of viewing. In addition, they highlight the systems they have in place which allow content owners to report any stolen content.

Overall, Facebook states that they take Intellectual property rights extremely seriously and believe they have the correct systems in place that protect online content creatives. The public criticism, however, has not cast a good light on the website.

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