Facebook Live Pirate Movie Theatre

The word “LiveBioscoop” when translated from Dutch to English means “live cinema”, and that’s exactly what a 23 year old man from Rotterdam created. Except this wasn’t an ordinary cinema, the LiveBioscoop was a Facebook page that was dedicated to streaming pirated movies with the assistance of Facebook’s own Live Streaming facility.

The 25,000 followers could even vote on which movies the Facebook page should stream next. Due to the popularity of LiveBioscoop, and a similar Facebook page that again made use of the Live Stream function, the Dutch press picked up on the story.

Naturally, it was not going to be long before the Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN got involved. Commenting on the story in the Dutch press, BREIN stated that they would investigate the issue and not without a result.

BREIN director Tim Kuik stated that “This is just stealing revenue from cinemas and rightsholders. It has to end as soon as possible. That is why we have opted for an ex parte injunction with a penalty, instead of first issuing a summons.”

The 23 year old man from Rotterdam was confronted by BREIN, with an ex parte court order or a settlement offer to stop the infringing activities and pay a figure of €7,500.

Not surprisingly, the man took the settlement offer and whilst the LiveBioscoop Facebook page is still live, the infringing activities have ceased.Â

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