Facebook announces ‘Watch’: a rival for YouTube and Netflix

Facebook, arguably one of the most recognised social media platforms, have announced they are branching out in a new direction, to the dismay of fellow internet services.

While video has been available on Facebook for some time, it has been mainly used to show amateur videos or short news items.

Facebook will now put video to better use by launching ‘Watch’, a service which will provide users will full digital content including a range of shows. The content will include some well-established shows as well as some funded and created by Facebook.

Watch will be personalised, allowing users to discover shows by seeing what their friends are watching. Facebook are promoting the service as a way to connect with friends and share the experience and use it as a way to bring people together.

The content Facebook have already lined up include Major League baseball, Women’s basketball and a safari based show from Nation Geographical.

It seems the move into a TV/video service is very popular as only this week, Disney announced in 2019 they will be finishing their current contract with Netflix and creating their own online video platform.

Existing services such as Netflix and YouTube should watch these emerging services carefully as they may well destroy their current dominance in the market. With big names behind the new services, such as Facebook and Disney, people may just get behind them and ditch their current service.

Out with the old in with the new. Only time will tell.

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