EPO applications on the rise

Patent applications on the increase

During 2010 the European Patent Office (EPO) received 232 000 European patent filings in 2010,

This is an astonishing 10% increase from the previous year. 26% of these applications originated from the USA, 18% from Japan, 39% from other member states of the EPO and 10% between South Korea and China.

It is interesting to note that last year 58,100 patents were granted. An increase of 11%. EPO president said “These figures clearly indicate that demand for patent protection is on the rise again, after the economic downturn of the previous two years”

I asked my Patent Agent the esteemed Neville Walker of IP Consult http://www.ipconsult.co.uk/ as to his thoughts on the increase. Neville is a European Patent Agent and Lawdit and IP Consult have worked closely for 10 years. “As you know Michael the thirst for patent protection is never ending and I cannot see companies losing this requirement. They have to stay ahead of the game and patent protection is an essential component for any business as it builds up its IP Portfolio.”

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