E-Cigarette company have become stuck over ‘juicy fruits’ use

A company which sells e-cigarettes and their accompanying liquids have become stuck after their latest flavour has been blocked by Wrigley

Wrigley are a best selling brand of chewing gum, well recognised for its distinctive packaging and unique flavours.

One flavour which is exclusive to Wrigley is ‘Juicy Fruits’, a fruity alternative to the standard mint flavour.

‘Juicy Fruits’ has been a Wrigley best seller for some time, leading the company to register ‘Juicy Fruits’ in many forms as a trade mark.

These trade marks are the basis for the action taken by Wrigley this week.

Wrigley have filed a claim against Mohammed Ibrahim Ghatala who is the alleged owner of ‘Dreamcore Enterprises’.

Dreamcore Enterprises runs the vapefab.com website which has been selling a range of e-liquid products which contain the ‘Juicy Fruits’ trade mark.

Not only have Wrigley pushed for a trade mark infringement claim, they have also made comments regarding the marketing of e-cigarette materials in chocolate and sweet flavours which allegedly targets users under the age of 18 years.

This concern has been recently highlighted by the Food and Drug Administration in the US, where the claim was made.

While it is unclear whether this concern will affect the outcome of the trade mark claim by Wrigley, it will certainly spark the attention of the public, and may lead to a change in e-cigarettes.

Making the claim after Ghatala allegedly ignored two cease and desist letters, Wrigley are looking for injunctive relief as well as damages and an account for profits.

It seems the outcome of this may stretch to beyond the ‘Juicy Fruit’ trade mark, watch this space!Â

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