Dr Marten to put the boot in

Doc Marten is owned by British company AirWair International Ltd. the England based manufacturer of the iconic boot is suing American footwear retailer, Chinese Laundry for allegedly copying its famous boots.

AirWair International have filed a lawsuit in California against Chinese Laundry for trade mark infringement.

AirWair claims that Chinese Laundry has copied such signature details ‘in a deliberate and calculated attempt to trade upon the popularity and distinctive appearance and design of Dr. Martens footwear’.

Further AirWair International claims the overall appearance of the Chinese Laundry footwear is ‘virtually identical to the Dr. Martens’s 1460 boot.

The Dr. Martens original boot is a two-toned grooved sole that features yellow stitching and eight laceholes. This is a best-seller and celebrities such as Agyness Deyn are often spotted sporting the classics.

It is this yellow stitching in the welt area , a two-toned grooved sole edge and a DMS undersole design that is the contentious issue. These features are Dr. Marten’s signature design.

Dr. Marten’s signature designs are registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office and AirWair aim to stop Chinese Laundry from selling the offending shoes. Further AirWair demand that Chinese Laundry pay them all profits from the sales of the shoes that have been imitated.

Could well be a tricky one to defend!

This article was written by Fozia Cheychi whilst on work experience with Lawdit.

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