Dont be a dummy. Search before you launch!

The letter is a cease and desist letter. Its from a law firm writing on behalf of their client and its to do with their client’s trade mark. Bottom line is this: stop doing what you are doing or we sue.

Its a disaster.

Under trade mark law if you are using a similar trade mark the law is as follows:

1. Use of an identical trade mark in identical goods or services – trade mark infringment.

2. Use of a similar trade mark in similar goods or services- trade mark infringment provided there is a likelihood of confusion.

It happens more so than not and the BBC reported another similar case. Nokia threatened legal action against a small UK technology firm over its use of the word “HERE”. Nokia has invested $12m (£8m) in promoting the HERE brand.

If the owners of the App knew of Nokia’s brand then it would have taken steps to avoid the hassle. Its lazy and silly….fees for clearance checks start from £50 so PLEASE DO SOME CHECKS!

The article is here

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