DKNY Copyright Infringement Settled over Facebook

DKNY copyright infringement settled over Facebook

DKNY (Donna Karen New York) are to donate 25,000 US dollars to a YMCA in the name of a New York photographer to compensate for copyright infringement of his pictures.

The discovery of the copyright infringement was made by a fan of the New York street photographer Brandon Stanton who spotted the images in a DKNY shop display in Bangkok. The photographer who heads Humans of New York, a popular photo blog displaying images of the city’s diverse residents stated the pictures were used without his knowledge or consent.

The photographer was apparently approached by the fashion label in the past to purchase the images to display in their storefronts all over the world and offered 15,000 dollars for the pictures that Stanton declined, as he understandably felt that the price offered was too low considering the fashion label is a extremely wealthy company worth over a hundred million dollars.

In response to the later infringement of his images, rather than take legal action Stanton decided to publicize the infringement on his Facebook page (Humans of New York that has almost 600,000 followers). Stanton published a post that stated, his fans should share the post if they agree that DKNY should donate 100,000 dollars to a young person’s charity in a deprived part of New York to compensate for the infringement of his copyright.

Almost 30,000 Facebook users shared the post within 5 hours, this no doubt caught the attention of the fashion label who immediately issued an apology and pledged to donate 25,000 dollars in the name of the photographer to a YMCA in Brooklyn New York, claiming the use of the images was a mistake.

The photographer stated on his Facebook page that he accepted that DKNY had made a mistake and was pleased with the pledge of the donation as it would help a lot of disadvantaged youngsters. This is a rare and refreshing case that demonstrates a selfless act from a potential claimant in a high profile lawsuit, Brandon Stanton, you truly are a humanitarian for the Humans of New York.

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