Disney defeats 2017’s first copycat

One of the last cases to release its judgment in the IP sphere was a claim made by Disney regarding their hit animated film ‘Cars’.

In ‘Cars’, main character Lighting McQueen, the red sports car, goes on an adventure with his car friends.

As with all things Disney, the film grew in popularity very quickly.

This popularity attracts copying.

In July 2016, Disney made a claim against three Chinese companies, Blue MTV, media company Beijing G-Point and PPLive Inc. stating they had committed copyright infringement in relation to ‘Cars’ and Lighting McQueen.

The alledge infringement occurred in the creation of another cartoon escapade surrounding automobiles called ‘Autobots’.

The claim was heard by a Shanghi court who sided with Disney and awarded them damages after they found there was infringement of the copyright in Cars and specifically in Lighting McQueen and another character.

The damages amounted to approximately $194,000.

The ruling in this case was released just before the new year, making the Chinese companies the first copyright infringers of 2017.

A success for Disney but with word that the director of the film Zuo Jianlong will file an appeal, the case may continue into the new year.

Watch this space!

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