Czech brewer says it has registered “Budweiser Budvar” trademark in Portugal.

Czech brewery, Budejovicky Budvar NP said that on Thursday, November 9, the Patent Office in Portugal has registered its “Budweiser Budvar” trademark in that country, despite objections from its rival U.S beer company, Anheuser-Bosch Cos Incorporated, brewers of Budweiser beer.

t is another win for the Czechs over Anheuser-Bosch in Portugal after the Patent Office there accepted its objections to the Anheuser-Bosch patent application for the “Budweiser” and “Budweiser king of Beers” trademarks in 2003.Â

The decision is a victory for the Czech brewer, involved in a complex trademark battle with its rival. The largest brewer in the U.S has been battling with Budejovicky Budvar for the exclusive rights to the Budweiser name for over a century. Currently they are involved in some 40 lawsuits worldwide.

Budejovicky Budvar was founded in 1895 in Ceske Budejovice, called Budweis by the German speaking people that populated the area at the time. Beer has been brewed there since 1265. The founders of Anheuser-Bosch used the name Budweiser for their product because it was well known in their German homeland. The St. Louis brewery got its start in 1852. It began brewing Budweiser, America’s first national beer brand in 1876.

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