Cryptocurrencies time to trade mark?

I asked a good friend of mine who specialises in cryptocurrencies ( He owns over 100 BTC) and who trades pretty much full time as to why the owners of cryptcurrencies do not consider trade marks an important part of their future busines plans.Â

“They’re nerds man, they are n’t business men…..and geeks dont do trade marks!” So this got me thinking – was he right? Sure whilst you can’t protect Bitcoin or Ethereum now as they have become generic what about the future of POWR or NEO or EMC2 ( which incidentally made my client $5,000 in 24 hours)?

Take a look at any football game from say 20 years ago – how many of the brands as represented in the hoardings are around today ? Not many. So the success of the cryptobrand will largely be determined by consumer confidence and as in commerce generally the brand is the key. Some will be uncool and die, others will be uber cool and take off. Some will offer a crappy service but have a cool brand and will survive longer than it ought. But geek or no geek crypto world please wake up and register your brand! Â

Let’s take a closer look :-

ETH ( Ethereum) A registered EU Trade Mark. Seems quite pointless really – almost akin to registering Bitcoin!

TIX – (Blocktix). No registered trade marks. Â
POWR ( Powerledger). No registered trade marks. POWR is an amazing cryptocoin and 2018 will be an amazing year.
XRP ( Ripple) Worldwide Trade Mark Ripple Labs Inc.315 Montgomery Street, San Francisco CA 94101, United States of America- Well done Ripple. This coin will also be huge.Â
NEO – Quite a few NEO trade marks but I could not see anything registered for cryptocurrencies ( mainly classes 9 and 36)Â
DASH- Registered Trade Mark for word device mark and word only. Its been registered throughout the world and guess who owns it….Amazon. So it knows the power of a trade mark so its been registered.Â
OMG- One of my favourite coins and one where much is expected but again no trade mark although there is an OMG registered in class 9 since 2000
VTC- Vertcoin – or the people’s coin. Again big things expected – Interestingly this has been filed by Kishore Devshi of 19 Kingswood Terrace, LONDON, W4 5BN, United Kingdom…Mr Devshi’s rights to this are unknown but fair play to him!Â
KMD- Nothing.Â
MONA-Worldwide trade mark filed by THE COSMO COMPANY in France!

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